Pakistan has been facing economic, social, internal and external crises for a long time. People face dire circumstances due to these challenges. The common man wants to know if our leaders are really sincere to address the problems or are they just in to see what they can gain from there sojourn at ruling once again.

The government was quite happy to see their name in the Guinness Book of World Record for making the biggest flag during the Punjab Youth Festival; we all agree that it is good to make records and be in the Guinness Book of World Record but what did they solve? Did it improve our energy deficit? Elevate the poor man and bring down inflation? Did it address the issue of security in the country? The people want to see some real changes, such as easy loans to start business, not the ongoing scam by the Sharif family, real improvement in security rather than the so-called Peace Talks.

Festivals are good and making records is excellent for nations who have already overcome the issues that we face. Let’s focus on solving problems such as daily target killings and bomb blasts before we decide to make a gigantic flag.


Karachi, February 19.