LAHORE: A 27-month old child is suffering from blood cancer. His father has been jobless for the past several months and is unable to pay Rs 45,000 required for the bone marrow test, in the absence of which the category and the stage of the deadly disease can’t be determined.

According to Waqt News reporter Malik Arshad Asim, a famous cancer hospital in the city doesn’t admit children below three. And in case it yields, the father of the child will have to arrange up to Rs 3 million for the treatment of his son. Where will the money come from?

The father is waiting for a miracle to happen. Muhammad Hasaan has been suffering from the disease for the past six months.

His father – Sohail Ashiq - was a salesman with a cosmetics company, a job he quit some months ago to be able to stay with his ailing son round the clock.

His elder son is 10 years old. The family is living in a rented house at Ghazi Road. At present, the Children Hospital is giving the child platelets.

Donors can contact the child’s father at 0321-4157886. –Staff Reporter