Poverty is defined as the lack of basic human needs and the inability to afford them. However, relative poverty is a condition in which people have less income or fewer resources than others, within a country or society. Pakistan is a developing country and thus poverty is a growing concern. While other nations work hard to reduce poverty, in Pakistan the poverty level is increasing. Education is considered as a primary weapon against poverty, hence it is important to negate poverty by educating our masses.

It is very obvious that poverty reduction and education enhancing strategies must be adopted for the well being and progress of the country. For this purpose, equal access to education for all, plays an important role. In this respect, different measures, like free primary education and other such facilities may be very helpful to improve the literacy rate. In addition to it, technical and vocational education and training can also be very fruitful in the reduction of poverty in Pakistan.


Kasur, February 17.