Islamabad - The woman who killed her three daughters and husband before committing suicide in sector G-6 of Islamabad had learnt how to shoot a pistol during an emergency situation a few weeks ago.

The Nation leant on Sunday that Kausar Shaheen was taught by her husband Farooq Khattak about how to fire in case of emergency and how to protect her four children in case the robbers barge into their house if Khattak is not around. Information gleaned by this reporter revealed that the woman who resorted to a killing spree on Saturday morning had not been grown up around guns as she hailed from an educated family and held a masters degree.

Close relatives of the fateful family told The Nation that a few weeks ago Farooq Khattak wanted to embark on a religious expedition with Tableeghi Jamaat (TJ) of Lal Masjid and wanted to teach his wife how to fire pistol when he will not be there to protect the children. His wife objected to her husband’s decision to go on the four months long trip and always discouraged his move to leave the house and children at the disposal of a woman.

Sources said Farooq, 40, had no option but to arrange a pistol and teach his wife how to shoot a gun, feed the magazine with bullets and then how to empty it. According to sources, the practice was quite a new to his wife who had not touched arms in her entire life.

Days after she learnt about how to shoot pistol, differences emerged between the once happy couple including the husband’s decision of leaving the home for four months with a religious group. However, Farooq, according to his family members, was trying to convince his wife until on Saturday when the six-member family was all set to leave for a public park after having a traditional breakfast.

Soon after the family finished their breakfast, Kausar Shaheen refused to accompany them and opted to remain at home instead. The little children who were enthusiastic about the trip to the park requested their mother to join them on the picnic.

Sources close to the bereaved family revealed that Farooq asked the children not to worry about their mother and told his wife that her attitude was forcing him to divorce her in order to get rid of daily heated discussions between the couple. And soon after the family was ready to leave home for Rawal Lake Park, Kausar Shaheen entered the room with a loaded 30-bore pistol aiming it at her husband but the bullet hit her 2-year old daughter Nida. And then she hit her husband in the head and then killed everybody in the house. Luckily, her lone son Muhammad Rafay, 11, escaped death although a bullet hit him too before she shot herself in the forehead.

When the bodies were carried to hometown Zarkhan Kallay in Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for funeral prayers at 11:00pm, brothers of Farooq refused to take the body of the woman to their home, arguing that since she ruined the family, she did not deserve to be entertained anymore. But other relatives cooled down the situation amid moving scenes, according to eyewitnesses.