A:     Are they even trying to win? Is this match fixing? How can this be? Considering how many people love and play cricket in this country, these eleven can’t be the best of the lot. I understand that we lost to India. There was way too much pressure on the team and we always lose to them in World Cup games anyway, but West Indies? Ireland beat West Indies! A team that has not been able to perform at all humiliated us on Saturday. Maybe we are magical after all! We bring out the best in our opponents.

S:     One can always count on Pakistanis to raise their expectations without any good reason and then raise havoc when introduced to reality. Believe it or not, these are the best cricketers of the country. Also, don’t forget that many of our players are not playing due to injuries. Maybe we would have fared better if they were on the field. I never expected this team to do wonders anyway. You know why? Because they don’t bleed green, they bleed red, like everyone else. All that rhetoric and passion has no bearing on the quality of cricket played by the team. The universe neither owes us a victory nor is it conspiring against us. The better team on the day wins the game. In any case, why get so upset over a sport that doesn’t really matter.

A:     Blasphemy! Cricket matters, okay? I mean yes, we have far more serious issues that need to be dealt with but that doesn’t mean that cricket is irrelevant. I expect you to be able to appreciate how sports can lift morale and bring people together. More than anything, it gives people hope, it tells them that their dreams can come true and that improbable is not synonymous to impossible.

S:     Yes, sure. Afridi can hit a six at will so that means we can beat TTP, eradicate polio and end subjugation of women. It’s just dream-selling, nothing more. That you look for so much in a game of cricket only shows how desperate you are.

A:     You’re too cynical. I never claimed that cricket is the cure to all our ills. I’m just saying that it inspires us and God knows we need all the inspiration we can get.