Tayyab Mateen - By and large, we the people of Pakistan are good people. We have tremendous human resource potential. And it is our deep desire to be regarded as respectable citizens of a respectable country. We want Pakistan to progress and prosper. We want to have peaceful and friendly relations with all countries of the world in general and our neighbours in particular. We desire that people from other countries visit us and enjoy the scenic beauty and the cultural diversity of our country.

But there are elements within the establishment who do not want all that. Against the wishes of the people of this country and their temperament, they are involved in clandestine activities everywhere, be it Afghanistan, India or USA or you name it, they are playing mischief.

And on top of that, even we the people of this country do not feel secure. They come and pick up people from their homes, who remain missing, shoot journalists, take away our hard-earned money and make sure that we do not ask where it was spent. They live a life of luxury.

 Nobody can question their authority for that is a crime. They are never held accountable and escape even after committing the most heinous of crimes.

 They live within the safe confines of heavily guarded fortifications and monitor every movement from there.

And not because of our deeds but what they have been doing for so many decades now we are the most dangerous country in the world. No foreigner wants to come to our country. All Pakistanis are considered as terrorists almost everywhere in the world and are thoroughly scanned on every entry point even if they have a valid visa.

That green passport, which should have been a symbol of prestige, today separates us from honourable citizens from other parts of the world. These elements have almost destroyed this country. And today we are regarded as rogue citizens of a rogue state.

But we are not rogue, nor is our state. We have been held as hostage. The situation is worse, but I see a ray of hope. And my intuition is that the time is fast approaching, when we will get rid of these elements which have held us hostage for so many years. We will soon regain the power to make decisions on our own; only if we join hands against them.

Only when we defang these elements and come out of the quagmire, making decisions on our own, we can regain the status of respectable citizens of a respectable country in the world.