Lahore - STAFF REPORTER/INP - Police Sunday arrested two people in connection with the murder of a Punjab University student.

According to sources, PU student Anam became friend of Sunder area lawyer Sajid over the Internet. Anam visited Sajjid’s house on his invitation, where his maid Sanam shot her dead after an altercation, it was reported. Police have arrested Sajid and Sanam and launched investigation. The detainees told the police that the girl was hit by gunshot when they were ‘cleansing the weapon’.

Murder mystery ‘solved’:

Separately, police claimed to have solved the mystery of BSc girl’s murder. The body of 22-year-old PU student was found from Shera Kot police precincts 40 days ago.

“She was residing in a hostel near Muslim Town, police said, adding that Tooba took the deceased to her home for modeling.

“Tooba murdered her, packed her body in a box and dropped it at Sherakot Skyways bus stand,” police said. CCTV footage showed she (Tooba) buying ticket for Sialkot and escaped with a man.

Police said the girl was killed after rape. The brother of deceased, earlier, made a request to police to register kidnapping case but police remained unmoved.