DCO Hafiz Shaukat Ali and DPO Rai Zamreerul Haq have emphasized the Ulema belonging to different schools of thoughts to play their active role for promoting and maintaining brotherhood and harmony in society and unveil the forces spreading sectarianism.

Both the DCO and DPO were presiding over a meeting of District Peace Committee held here the other day.

On the occasion, Hafiz Shaukat Ali said that the Ulema should raise voice for the promotion of religious harmony among the masses. He said that they should also educate people so that they could perform their religious and worldly affairs in a better manner. The DCO made it clear that no thought provoking speeches, writings and wall chalking would be allowed. He also stressed the need for Ulema role in raising anti-dengue and anti-polio awareness campaign among people during Jumma congregations.

On the occasion, the DPO said that prayers leaders and Ulema were respectable person but nobody would be allowed to use the loudspeaker except for Azan and Khutba. He warned that stern action would be taken against the violation of the rules. He said that registration of mosques and immambargahs had been started. Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Maulana Shafiq.

ur Rehman, Maulana Abdul Majid Toheedi, Ghazanfer Abbas, Anjuman-e-Tajran President Syed Amir Hussain Shah and others also spoke on the occasion.