Training workshops on ‘culture and peace’ and ‘modern-day issues and their solution’ were held here under the Rural Community Development Programme (RCDP).

A number of people including women from several villages participated in the two sessions. The first session was held under auspices of Citizen Action for Peace & Development (CADP). The participants were trained in social mobilisation and modern-day needs. During the training, the present era issues and their possible solution were discussed by the participants.

Programme coordinator Temour Shah briefed the participants about tapping of integrated organisational talent for solving problems. He said, “We must play a vital role in redressing different issues in collective efforts. RCDP plays vital role in this connection with SAP-Pakistan partnership to solve local conflicts amicably through dialogues.”

Shamim Ajaz emphasised on women folk to utilise their talent to play a positive role in the national development. She thanked RCDP and SAP Pakistan Programme for sensitising women to their rights. Faizabad Kashif Qadir said that the youth of his area were fully committed to cooperating for development of the region. He said that timely guideline could help youth solve several issues.

The second session was held on ‘Culture and Peace’ by engaging local communities’ progressive religious scholars around social cohesion peace and harmony.

Abdul Nadir Khan highlighted importance of peace and harmony in the area, and termed it the major component of development.

Temour Shah said that mutual harmony, peace and cooperation can energise development process in the region. He said that youth and senior citizen should work simultaneous in this connection. He said that no development is possible without peace. He stressed the youth to must play their role in peace and development of the area.