ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board Director General Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera and his blue-eyed DDG Dr Waqar finally returned home on late Sunday night after enjoying joy-ride trip of India.

Like his departure, Dr Ganjera ordered his official vehicle at Wagah Border on Saturday, a day in advance prior to his return. He once again ignored government directives of not to travel through road, like he did when he went to India for 12th South Asian Games despite not getting NOC. He is near and dear to IPC Minister mIan Riaz Hussain Pirzada, who reasons best known to him, kept blind eyes on his wrong doings and gave him unconditional backing. Such was the blind trust of the IPC Minister that he even went on to misguide Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on actual medal tally and bluntly presented highly wrong statistics. Mian Riaz told PM during Bahawalpur visit that it was remarkable performance by the Pakistani contingent in such difficult conditions and last time in 2010 SAF Games, Pakistani athletes only won four gold medals. The actual facts were far from what Riaz had quoted to PM and Mian Riaz while talking to The Nation few days back had accepted his blunder and said he was given wrong information.

It clearly shows, the IPC Minister doesn’t bother to check the actual facts and blindly trust on DG, who continues to take full advantage of Minister’s all-out backing. National wealth is being plundered with both hands by not only Ganjera, but also his near and dear ones. The IPC Minister must seek explanation from him that on what grounds Fayyaz and Shabana Yasir were accommodated in the touring party and what was their role. Ganjera never bothered to visit Shillong, where Pakistani athletes managed to win 4 gold medals in taekwando and judo and he just remained in Guwahati and was enjoying VIP treatment on government’s expenditure. Why official vehicle was sent to Lahore to receive Ganjera and Dr Waqar, why national wealth is plundered on one persons, who things himself above all the rules and regulations?

The PSB employees had sigh of relief during his absence, as he doesn’t even allow them to use PSB gates and they had to cover hell lot of distance to reach residences, which are adjacent to the PSB. While on the other hand, his near and dear ones, including his family is free to enjoy night walk under lights. Ganjera went to meet IPC Minister and Secretary soon after rejoining. The minister should have sought explanation from Ganjera as on what grounds he took visas of other Indian cities as if he wanted to visit India, he should apply leave and spent from his own pocket. Why IPC Minister is reluctant to take action against Ganjera and others despite several complaints. Why IPC/PSB had made it mandatory to include their representatives in every international event and what is the purpose of this exercise? At one end genuine medal hopefuls were denied accreditation and coaches were left high and dry. It is high time, the PM must stop these joy-ride trips and order complete ban on IPC Ministry and PSB officials’ inclusion in international events and instead coaches and players should be compensated.