LAHORE - Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab, Khawaja Ahmad Hassan and Lahore Commissioner Abdullah Khan Sumbal inaugurated the model pushcarts/handbarrows and distributed sixty three pushcarts among the carters.

They distributed such pushcarts respectively seventeen in Laalpul area, twenty seven in Kareem Block Market Iqbal Town and ten in Moon Market Iqbal Town. Khawaja Ahmad Hassan has said that model pushcarts have been provided to ensure the quality and hygiene of the frying and non-frying food items and to beautify the city.

The commissioner said model pushcarts would improve the cart culture and beautification of the Lahore city. He said that that was a pilot project and now one hundred pushcarts would grace Lahore bazaars.

He made it clear that those pushcarts would sell their food items on the spots fixed by CDGL and steering committee would judge and monitor the performance and popularity of the project. He said that that is an initiative of Commissioner Office under the instructions of CM Punjab and Commissioner Office Lahore would play a coordinating role to sustain the model pushcarts.

Those pushcarts were being provided by Akhuwat on Qarz-e-Hasna basis to the push carters, he added. He said that after the successful launching and learning, those model pushcarts would also be launched in other cities of the Punjab.

Under Commissioner Office, a competition had been held among UET Lahore, Punjab University Lahore, NCA, PFA, Punjab Small Industries and private firms to select seven designs of model pushcarts.

Pushcarts have been selected keeping in view price, design, durability, demand of sellers and hygienic parameters. The distribution ceremony of pushcarts was also attended by DCO Cap (r) Usman, Chairman Akhawat Dr Amjad Saqib and MPA Waheed Gull.