LAHORE - A newly launched political party wants to rid the country of the present system of governance which it thinks had been designed by the British to divide the people and then to rule over them with ease.

Headed by Haroon Khawaja, Pakistan Liberation Movement (PFM) was formally launched in the first week of February this year. In just two weeks this party has got an overwhelming response from the public according to its head.

“Some 400,000 people want to become PFM members and we are in the process of contacting them to formally enlist them in our party”, Khawaja told media men here.

A chattered accountant by profession, Haroon wants to change the present system which he thinks is the major hurdle in the way of resolving people’s problems. He is opposed to bringing any change through revolution but thinks that he could introduce Turkish model in Pakistan to steer the country out of the quagmire of problems. Khawaja would also like to immolate the prevailing system in Malaysia, China and Vietnam, three other success stories in the recent history.

Asked how would he change the system, he replied that he would educate the electorate and prepare them for change through specially trained teachers at the union council level. “We will develop a system to educate our workers and the masses on different issues”, he said, adding that he would personally make 15 phone calls at UC level every day to talk to the party workers on different matters.

He believes that people would vote for his party once they have an alternate leadership. “We will offer the people an alternate choice which is currently not available”. He said his party would contest the next general election.

Khawaja has served as advisor to Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif in 1997 and later worked in the same capacity for Mian Shahbaz Sharif in his previous tenure. He is also the chief executive of a company, Maverick Hotels, running a chain of hotels across Pakistan and abroad.

Khawaja said he was also the founding chairman of Pakpur Foundation, a non-governmental organization working for the rights of neglected segments of society.

To a question, Haroon said he has spent well over 19 years on research to study the drawbacks in the prevailing system of governance and the issues plaguing the country because of these.

“We see Pakistan from a different angle”, he said, adding that only the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah had the vision to change the system to serve the needs of the common man.

PFM’s secretary general, Syed Nabeel Hashmi, head of Education wing, Ayesha Hamid and party’s overseas head and in-charge of membership, Rafi Khan also shared their views with journalists on the rationale behind formation of a new political party.