ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah thrashed government by saying that it was rigging inside and outside of the parliament. The government has made President’s address to joint session of the parliament controversial.

On Tuesday, during the session of the lower house of the parliament, opposition leader walked out as a protest against the attitude of Deputy Speaker saying that opposition would not attend the session held under the chair of Deputy Speaker until he apologizes over the yesterday incident.

“We want to get benefit of the presence of Prime Minister in the house but being compelled us to stage a walk out. If PM would come to reconcialiate us it adds more prestigious to him when we were out of the session”, Shah added and maintained that it was a strange that speaker presides over the session of the house when PM attends NA session, but it happened for the first time that speaker is absent from the house during the presence of the PM.

He further said that it was a matter of embarrassment that absence of opposition PM is present in the session adding that government had made President’s address to the joint session of the parliament controversial. We wanted to bring some amendments while keeping in view the facts.

Shad added that opposition had earlier supported the movements of the government on various occasions. The yesterday-like incident would not happen if we were taken into confidence.

He said that opposition is the part of the house and its business could not be run without it adding that attitude of opposition with government is soft and we are playing the friendly role.