ISLAMABAD: Vinod Sharma, Political Editor, Hindustan Times today said that Pathankot remains a huge challenge, but it can become an opportunity for mutually reassuring respective commitment on terrorism which is a common enemy. There is a firm resolve on our side to do anything that might help in investigation and taking case to its logical conclusion.

He was speaking at the Roundtable Forum organized by the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) on “Indo-Pak Relations: Moving Beyond Acrimony and Suspicion.

“Any prime minister's commitment to his country cannot be questioned. But the political leaders have to take risks to create and expand the constituency of peace. In politics, you have to take risks in order to break out of the gridlock of clichés and acrimony.” Said Mr. Sharma, while adding that the civility of dialogue was absolutely essential for continuing talks. The civilly in dialogue - post Pathankot incident - shown by both governments is unprecedented.

Mr Sharma said terror can radically change the wave of life. It prevents people from living a normal life. Anything that is divorced from reason is not doable, thus unreasonable policies should be avoided by India & Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan have to abandon policies that don’t stand to reason. We belong to a school that distinguishes itself from others with the belief in democracy.

Underpinning the need for respecting Institutional democracy, Mr. Sharma said that there were certain issues that had to be left to the state institutions rather. Health, education, environment are the issues which may be the direct responsibility of all including media and parliament.

He said that both Modi and Sharif must meet and if they had a degree of comfort with each other, they could take the process forward. We must stop demonizing each other’s national heroes. There should be an institutional mechanism for a regular discourse among historians. Purpose should be to get past the acrimonious past. We have to bequeath a future to our children different from the bitter past.

He added that terrorist wants a state to turn terrorist to gain general sympathies. Courts deny bail in order to be in consonance with the popular mood. Judges do get influenced by popular mood but rule of law is must to ensure a prosperous future for nations.

“Media opinion should not be led by short-versioned interventionists. Media should help creating a positive society that believes in philanthropy. Both states must take steps to develop CBMs and facilitating dialogue among the historians, media, scholars, film-makers as our relations don’t have much hope from accords. Kashmir can’t be resolved through treaties; it will have to be resolved through honest talks and sharing of problems. We remain committed to Dec 10 declaration on sidelines of heart of Asia.” he said.