We are being told that Pakistan is fighting a war for its survival against terrorists and yet as far as elected PM is concerned it is seems to be business as usual. PM Cameron of UK and VP Biden of USA visited Davos for a day, but our PM has chosen to stay back as per schedule, although there has been a very brutal attack by terrorists in Charsada with fatalities of over 21 and over 40 injured. The significance of Davos summit can be gauged from fact that PM Modi and many other leaders of Asia did not attend, because they thought it more important to tackle issues which they face within their countries.

Why this cold response from PM of Pakistan?. When Paris faced an attack from terrorists, President Hollande chose not to attend G 12 Summit in Turkey, because he considered it his moral obligation to stay back and express solidarity with victims of terrorism. This callous and cold attitude has become a routine for our elected public office holders and military dictators who have ruled this country. When Sindh and rest of Pakistan was ravaged by floods, President Zardari considered it appropriate to proceed abroad to visit his villa in France. What purpose do these frequent visits serve because our exports are on decline, while imports have risen. As far as remittances are concerned, the government has not contributed to them. It is time that fiscal discipline is enforced from the top, because Pakistan cannot economically afford such luxuries.


Peshawar, January 23.