Rawalpindi - Rawalpindi police have finalised a comprehensive plan to curb sale of kites and twines in the city, besides devising strategy to ensure ban on kite flying.

Police have also decided to register cases under Punjab Prohibition of Dangerous Kite Flying Act against the parents of kite flyers and those house owners whose rooftops are found to be used for kite flying and aerial firing.

The residents of Rawalpindi are all set to celebrate “Basant” on March 4, 2016 and the dealers and shopkeepers have brought tens of thousands of kites and twine rolls to sale them out at the hands of citizens.

For the purpose, mostly residential areas/houses are being used to throw mud into the eyes of police, a source told The Nation. The areas of Gawalmandi and Gunjmandi have become hubs for kite and twine business, they said.

In this regard, CPO Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi convened an emergency meeting with the deputy superintendents of police (DSPs) and all the station house officers (SHOs) of the district in his office yesterday.

Addressing the meeting, CPO Abbasi directed the DSPs and SHOs to utilise all of their energies and resources to discourage the bloody and dangerous kite-flying in the district by launching massive crackdown against the kite-dealers and flyers.

He asked the police officers to lodge cases against the parents of children and youngsters who are found involved in kite flying anywhere in the district.

“I want to make this upcoming Basanat a failure at any cost. Constitute special squads comprising police officers and cops including my security squad and spread on roads and streets of urban and rural areas to arrest the kite sellers and flyers,” Israr Ahmed added.

He said that he would pay surprise visits to different areas and would take strict departmental action against those SHOs in areas of those kite flying was seen.

The CPO was of view that kite flying has become a dangerous festival with use of metal twine and is posing serious threats to the road users. “We will also take stern action against the traders and shopkeepers who are selling kites and strings,” he said. The CPO asked the police officers to adopt zero tolerance towards the violators.

Earlier, the CPO summoned Chief Security Officer (CSO)/Inspector Syed Tahir Kazmi and ordered him to redraw the plan to curb kite flying. He ordered the CSO to assign all the police officers and even his security squad the task to arrest kite sellers and flyers during last three days of the week.

On the other hand, police during a crackdown seized some 5,384 kites and 157 rolls of metal/ordinary twine, besides nabbing 19 accused, according to a police spokesman.