When the first caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) was appointed, he being a trader sat on a street of Medina in the bazar to sell cloth for his sustenance. He was asked to wind up his private business and devote his full time to the affairs of the State and depend upon the meager salary allowed to him.

As such a principle was set that a ruler could not engage in his private business while being head of Islamic State. This golden principle ought to have been followed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which was followed in letter and spirit as the first Governor General of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam who was a famous lawyer stopped his private practice as Governor General. Afterwards steadily the principle of head of State or Govt. in not indulging in his private business was eroded so much so the our Prime Minister who is the head of Govt. freely engages in his private business of suger mills and steel mills and thus has connections with persons of an enemy state who facilitate not only his business extended to his wards freely which is in fact responsible for his dual performance as a trader and head of Govt. which compromises his position seriously.

Even the Chief Minister Punjab’s wards deal in private business in competition with private sector which is not a desirable practice. The world famous social historian Ibn-i-khaldoon had said that a trader should not be made a ruler as he would compromise his position as a trader and a ruler at one and the same time.

This is even repugnant to the oath taken by the head of Govt. to operate without fear favour, affection or ill-will which is not possible in his dual role unless he is an angel or a prophet devoid of his personal proclivities.


Lahore, January 25.