I want to raise awareness about the negative impacts of the drama culture in our society. Dramas have always been a theatrical entertainment for ages. Sometimes, they become the source of joy and pleasure but sometimes they put very negative impacts on our minds.

It has been observed that our dramas are promoting second marriages, extra marital affairs and divorce cases in an enormous way. People are opting all these evil factors of socio culture in a positive way. Divorce rate is rising in our society nowadays. Instead of depicting the good family culture in dramas, they are broadcasting such factors which are enhancing the divorce rate of the society.

Every second drama is fostering the culture of second marriage and illegal activities in our society. Most of the people get depressed by relating the dramas with their lives. People are losing their moral values and identity due to this immoral drama culture. Dramas are also influencing teenagers in a bad manner.

They are moulding their minds in a harmful way. Teenagers get attracted by the unethical elements of the dramas and opt them in their life styles. The content of our dramas is very absurd nowadays. Teenagers are following these illogical activities and consider them good for themselves. Our dramas are sending subliminal messages to our viewers which are affecting their minds in an inhumane manner.


Rawalpindi, January 21.