The Punjab Government has granted a monthly utility allowance of up to Rs7000 to its employees working in the Civil Secretariat, Lahore. It also enhanced Special Allowance from 20 to 50 percent admissible only to the employees of the Civil Secretariat Lahore. 

The notified financial benefits for the employees of civil secretariat only mock the rest working in the departments of the government who face the same financial bottlenecks and are as hard up as are those working in the Civil Secretariat. With such imprudent decisions, the government has already caused damage to its reputation and credibility. Service structure in KPK is far better than it is in the Punjab. Employees in Punjab lead a life that looks like bonded slavery. 

Such decisions pave the way to protests and strikes engulfing the roads and streets by employees for their rights. 

In order to avoid the new row and to mitigate sufferings of its employees, the Punjab government should extend notified financial allowances to its employees working in other departments and offices across the province. 


Muzaffargarh, February 1.