There is a need to preserve historical sites in and around Islamabad so as to make them more attractive to local and foreign tourists. One such site is the Shah Allah Ditta caves situated about 3 kilometres north of Sector D-12. Four years ago, the then chairman of CDA had announced the initiation of development work there, however, nothing has happened since then. These caves are situated at the foot of the Margalla Hills towards Islamabad. A proper metaled road also passes close to the caves and goes to the top of the hills and beyond right up to the Khanpur Dam.

The village Shah Allah Ditta also has a historical significance. The local people say that the village is more than 700 years old and carries its name after a Mughal-era. It is said that the place and the route going up the hills and beyond was visited by Alexander the Great and Sher Shah Suri. It is therefore suggested that the village be developed on the pattern of the Saidpur Village to attract more visitors.


Islamabad, February 1.