This is in reference to singling out the allotment of 90 acres of land in areas near the Lahore border to General Raheel, ignoring others who have been beneficiaries of state largesse. The fact that this practice over a period of time has gone out of proportion; to scarce resources of state during controversial military rule by Musharraf and before him Zia is an issue that needs to be addressed. We need to restore some rationale and balance so that there is no element of abuse or exploitation.  

The state priority should be to transform Pakistan in accordance with Quaid’s vision of a modern welfare state where curse of corruption, black-marketing, and abuse of power is put down with an iron hand. Unemployment of highly qualified and educated youth will only lead to brain drain or make them susceptible to recruitment by extremists. There is no justification for allotment of multiple plots to senior bureaucrats or generals who are paid for services rendered. 

Genuine welfare of those employed by state in civil and security services should be restricted to allotment of one plot of land for construction of a house. The paid servants of state voluntarily join service and are more than adequately compensated in terms of salaries, perks, honour, pensions and other benefits. However, the state and people of Pakistan must ensure that next of kin of those who offer supreme sacrifice to defend their motherland, or those who suffer permanent disabilities must be compensated with all emoluments they would have earned till their age of superannuation. 

We live in a world where specialisation in science, technology, economics and social sciences should be sole criterion for employment, if Pakistan intends to develop and keep at par with rest of developing world. Without investing in human resources Pakistan can neither achieve economic self-sustainability nor compete with the rest of the world neither defend itself from aggression. 


Lahore, February 1.