There should have been no place in Quaid’s Pakistan for culture of extremism, fundamentalism and intolerance where innocent young men, like Mashall are lynched. Historically, religious parties played no role in creation of Pakistan and instead supported Congress with likes of Maulana Azad in the lead. They opposed political movement waged by AIML for creation of Pakistan and should have no right to modify the vision laid down by Father of the Nation. This religious fundamentalism and culture of intolerance has gripped this country ever since Zia ul Haq took over. Now, this country gripped with cancer of violence and private militias, creating chaos, misery and grief for millions. Why should government allow IJT to terrorize students of Punjab University and other parts of Pakistan and forcefully regulate them? It is time for sanity to prevail.

When the First Constituent Assembly of United India, comprising all members elected in 1946 election met on 19 December of that year, it was boycotted by MAJ and all Muslim League members. Quaid e Azam and his AIML demanded a separate Constituent Assembly which demand was accepted on 3 June 1947. Quaid e Azam while addressing this Constituent Assembly in its first meeting on 11 August 47 very clearly elaborated that Pakistan would be a modern democratic welfare state in which Muslim majority could live in peace with members of other faiths, each having freedom to practice their faith without any fear. This meeting attended by 69 members elected JN Mandal as temporary Chairman of Constituent Assembly which subsequently elected Quaid as President and Maulvi Tamizuddin as Deputy President. Out of these 69 members there were 9 including members of religious parties that sat on opposition benches.


Lahore, February 9.