Climate Change is a reality. In the contemporary time, the major discourse is the existence of a ‘carbon footprint’, which has denigrated the ecological balance of the planet – which we have grown to call our home. Today, we discuss and commiserate the sad state of affairs with regards to the Paris Treaty, down-struck by the United States and Mr. Trump. But in 1989, a kindle of hope was ignited – in a rare sense of responsibility, 12 European Nations came together to ban Chlorofluorocarbons usage, which destroy the Earth’s protective layer and let carcinogenic rays into the Earth’s sphere. While being cognisant of the responsibilities exhibited, there needs to be a sense of poignant realisation that polar bears are losing their habitat, islands – with people homes, schools and their lives – are sinking and floods are destroying livelihoods and life in itself. What is our role in mitigating this? One word: advocacy.

“We have to face the reality of climate change. It is arguably the biggest threat we are facing today.”

–William Hague