The monsoon deluge in the country has wreaked havoc in several parts of the country in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The continuous rain has resulted in the death of at least 19 people and has left 18 injured across different parts of the country. This gives space to the same debate each year regarding disaster management in the country and the lack of developmental vision which incorporates environmental concerns. Despite the presence of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the government each year is left to deal with the outcomes of the flash floods.

At this time, a state of emergency has been declared in Lasbela the province of Balochistan to effectively deal with the situation. So far, flooding has resulted in the death of 3 people and 200 families have been affected by it. The most common problem at the moment is that the roofs of the houses cannot withstand the heavy rainfall. While many families have been directed to take shelter provided by the government, several people have also been reported to be stranded, particularly in the district’s Pir Goth area. The government has managed to send rescue teams, which were previously facing difficulty in getting to the affected areas due to heavy snowfall in the area as well.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal has assured that the relief operation is underway and is expected to take charge of the situation. At this point, it is a moment of grave concern that each year the government faces similar situations which only add to the problems of the country. While we are facing scarcity of water, there are also cases of flash flooding. It was right of several experts to point out that the fund collected for a larger dam should be directed towards building smaller reservoirs, particularly in areas severely affected by flash floods each year.

At the same time, the government should mobilise the relevant government officials to speed up the collaboration with the Japanese government under the new grant to provide help with disaster management in the country. The grant is a great opportunity for the government to enhance its management skills, especially in parts of the country which are susceptible to flash floods every year. At the same time, relief drives should be initiated throughout the country to ask for donations to help in the relief efforts.