SAHIWAL - Pakistan is a multi-ethnic and cultural state providing full autonomy to language and cultural rights of all constituents federating units under 1973 constitution. These federating units have constitutional rights to promote its language and cultural identities. This is what is advocated by political and civil rights activists in a cultural rally organised on the International Mother Language Day the other day.

Although the rally got delayed because of cloudy weather, hundreds of participants danced to the tunes of dhool. The cultural rally was part of the weeklong cultural celebrations organised by Punjab Lok Sujag, Sahiwal Arts Council, Comsats University and Govt Postgraduate College and different organisations working for the promotion of mother languages. The cultural rally started from 15 Chowk and ended at Jinnah Chowk after moving through Jogi Chowk. Folk dance singers, drum-beaters and jhommer artists led the cultural rally along with heavy beats of Punjabi songs. The rally was attended by district office-bearers of two leading political parties along with office-bearers of dozens of civil rights and professional rights associations.

Addressing the participants of the rally, different speakers stressed the need for highlighting importance of mother language in learning and cognition. PML-N District General Secretary Rao Nazir Farid while addressing rally said that passage of 18th Amendment to the 1973 Constitution is historic development which allows provincial autonomy including preservation of cultural and language. He stressed that Pakistan doesn’t afford any further political experiment and it must follow its constitutional roots under parliamentary democracy.