While bringing cricket back home in the last few years in the form of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been one of the greatest achievements of the government of Pakistan, however, the inconveniences attached to the process are making life a little difficult for the residents. PSL this year is going to take place in four major cities - Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Multan. The traffic routes of these cities along with access to places like work, hospitals, grocery shops, etc become difficult, especially during peak hours of the day when there is maximum traffic out on the roads. It goes without saying that disturbing the masses to provide entertainment in a stadium is not a well thought out plan because it relies mostly on curbing the movement of the people and that results in several mishappenings.

If four of the relatively big cities in Pakistan face such inconvenience, there will be a public outcry because the entertainment and the show being put on for them actually ends up becoming a problem for their day to day matters. It is important that the government works out an alternative plan to make this event more feasible not just for the international players but also for Pakistanis with an undying love for cricket. Recently in Lahore, several people who consumed public parking ended up losing their belongings either because somebody unlocked their cars or broke their windows. This is a basic protection that should be guaranteed to the people of the cities. The reason why public events find less and less support is because the public has to completely rely on themselves and not the state machinery to help make security possible.

Offsite parking along with shuttles to the designated stadium does make it easier to manage the crowds coming to watch the match; however, the blockade of major thoroughfares makes it difficult for the rest of the population to commute. With traffic increasing in the cities, it is very difficult to close off the main routes connecting the city.