Road Safety


Road safety has become a serious concern in the world as more and more people are using roads for commute, freight and transportation of goods. According to WHO report, globally around 1.2 million people die in the road accidents and almost 50 million gets injured. Pakistan is a world’s sixth most populous country with an estimate of 220 million people. However, the fatality rate remains higher (25000 fatalities per year) in the world. This is comparatively higher than the UK (3298 fatalities per year) which is six times highly motorised than Pakistan.

People with lower economic background are mostly at risk in Pakistan. The most victims are bikers, pedestrians and public transport users. National injury survey of Pakistan reveals that most victims are between age of 16 to 45 children and new road users are more vulnerable due to poor judgment the lack of road safety awareness and their hasty attitude. The government of Punjab has designated separate lanes for the busses and bikes. However, most of the bikers ignore the bike lane and change their lanes quite often during the rush hours. By doing so they not only risk their own life but they also put the life of other road users in danger. Public awareness programmes has been launched by the government’s part of safe city project. Speed cameras installed on the roads covers the big vehicles by capturing their license plates, however, bikers still get away with breaking the traffic signals and changing lanes frequently, using mobile phones and not wearing helmets.

Driving license authority also needs to play their role. Bike users are the cause behind most of the road accidents. The government has issued computerized license plates and the process to issue the driving licenses has been made automated too. However, the licensing authority needs to intervene and guarantee the road safety by providing drivers training. I believe one time driving test in a provided designated area cannot produce responsible and aware drivers. Furthermore, the Pakistani society takes fatalistic approach towards roads accidents. Public’s attitude towards road accidents is also fatalistic. Road accidents are considered a casual incidents hence it is not reported. There is so much lawlessness in the country that people get murdered over the dispute of few rupees, road accidents are considered as matter of fate- impossible to escape. This ignorant behavior needs redressal on urgent basis.

There are several other issues relating to the poor road safety conditions but the aforementioned problems can be addressed by holding every individual accountable for the incident. Because road accidents do not only cause fatal injuries but they create economic loss for the country as most of the victims of these accidents are youth. Breaking the traffic law is not heinous crime but one can only hope that better sense prevail and society as a whole aspire for high discipline and act responsible while using public roads by keeping in mind their safety and the safety of others around them.



Road to Iran


Many people are jobless in Balochistan. Most of Balochistan people are living on their own by working in Iran border. They bring oil, petrol and other laggages, goods from Iran to Pakistan. These people face two big problems on the way to Iran to Pakistan.

The first is that they travel on a rough route which can be cause of fatal accident and the other issue is Iranian soldiers firing on them on the way. Because they consider this work illegal and snuggling. Therefore, Pakistan government should jointly sign a treaty with Iran government to legalize this work.

Because it is a big source of over coming poverty in Balochistan. Especially it removes unemployment in Mahkuran and other some part of Balochistan. That’s why, it won’t be good to close the border completely rather it would be appreciative, if it is legalized.