ISLAMABAD               -             MQM-P, the disgruntled allies of PTI’s government, has tacitly decided to be­come part of federal cabinet only after confirmation from ruling party [PTI] to address all of their reservations related to Karachi and others.

“Rejoining of federal cabinet could be possible after addressing our [MQM-P] reservations,” MQM-P’s senior MNA Sala­huddin, talking to The Nation. MQM-P chief and former federal minister Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui had last month disas­sociated from federal cabinet. Siddiqui did not show any particular reason to leave the federal cabinet but his party’s senior members are in contact with PTI’s members about their reservations.

MQM-P’s MNA said that they had not given proper timeframe to ruling party to address their reservations but rejoining is conditional with their reservations.

“We [MQM-P] are optimistic from the assurances of government to address their issues related to Karachi,” he said, quoting the discussion of MQM-P’s co­ordination committee held to discuss rejoining of federal cabinet and other matters.

He said that they were part of treasury benches in the national assembly but indecisive to join federal cabinet as yet. “PTI’s senior member/ Minister Asad Umar and other important members of ruling part are in contact with MQM-P to resolve their issues related to Karachi,” he said.

The resignation of Khalid Maqbol Sid­diqui as a minister has been received at Prime Minister Secretariat, however, the resignation was not accepted by the prime minister.

MQM-P chief Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui had last month tendered his resignation. The Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked its senior members to immediately remove reservations.

The MQM-P wants solution of its is­sues, including reopening of its sealed offices, recovery of MQM-P missing per­sons and matters related to the release of package for Karachi Municipal Corpora­tion (KMC).

MQM-P’s chief Khalid Maqbool Sid­diqui last week himself dispelled the impression on private media that he had decided to rejoin federal cabinet as a minister. PTI Senior Minister Asad Umar with other senior members have held number of meetings with the MQM-P but it has so far not changed its stance.