SWABI               -            Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Min­ister Mahmood Khan here on Saturday said that the Rashakai Economic Zone would be inau­gurated by Prime Minister Im­ran Khan very soon and 250,000 locals would get jobs in this huge project, which would be built under China-Pakistan Eco­nomic Corridor (CPEC).

He was addressing a public meeting at Palodand (Saleem Khan) arranged in the hon­our of some influential families who quit the Awami National Party (ANP) and joined the Pa­kistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The PTI stalwarts attended the gathering and spoke on the oc­casion.

The chief minister said we are waiting for the prime minister’s schedule to grace the occasion.

He said that the extension of Swat Motorway to Badian, Expressway to D.I Khan, Chi­tral-Shandoor Road and various other projects have been includ­ed in the CPEC.

He stated that the provincial government confronts the gi­gantic task of merging districts and it was Prime Minister Im­ran Khan who played a great role in sanctioning Rs83 billion for the development of the trib­al region. The provincial gov­ernment had regularised the service of 41,000 Levies who merged into the provincial po­lice, he remarked.

Mahmood Khan maintained that that they had inked an agreement with industry un­der which the 18 megawatt elec­tricity of Pehur High Level Canal (PHLC) would be given to Ga­doon Amazai Industrial Estate and similar steps would be tak­en across the province.

“We would give our own pro­duced electricity to industry at Rs7 per unit, which would help the industry in province to get uninterrupted power supply,” he said.

The PHLC extension project would now cost Rs18 billion and now about 250,000 acre arid land of the district would be irri­gated after its completion.

The chief minister said that the artificial price hike would be controlled and the prices of es­sential commodities in the prov­ince would be reduced and the consumers would soon feel the difference.

The provincial government has given top priority to welfare of the people and the improving economic position would culmi­nate in transferring the bene­fits to the masses who had suf­fered due to wrong policies of former successive governments, he said.

The chief minister assured that the government is taking pragmatic measures for sus­tainable development of the province, including the merger districts, adding that the top pri­ority is to provide relief to the people having low income.

He warned zero tolerance for corruption and stressed to eradicate the corrupt practic­es from all public sector depart­ments while concentrating on strengthening the institutions.

The chief minister announced that Palodand-Saleem Khan Road and Saleem Khan-Buner Road would be reconstructed.

Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khan Khattak who also attended the gathering said that the government had taken tough decisions for putting the coun­try economy on track.

Addressing on occasion, Asad Qaisar, Speaker National As­sembly spoke in detail about the CPEC, provision of gas to the consumers across the district, resolving the problems con­fronted by tobacco growers and trade relations with Afghanistan and future prospects.

Qaiser said that the ANP who dominated the district politics for a long time had failed to in­itiate any mega project in Swa­bi, while the PTI had established Women University Swabi, pro­vided funds for building of Uni­versity of Swabi, established Gajju Khan Medical College, up­graded several hospitals, rebuilt the broken roads and construct­ed sport complex.

He declared that many more development project like the new electricity grade station, re­construction of Swabi-Mardan roads and numerous others are in pipeline.

He said that those who had joined the ruling party would be given due weight and the promi­nent families of Palodand would have distinguished position among the heavyweights of the ruling party.

Era of prosperity imminent: Pervez Khattak

Federal Minister for Defence Pervez Khan Khattak has made it clear that the era of prosper­ity was imminent soon after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s prudent policies were resulting in Pakistan getting rid of exter­nal world debt. Addressing a big public meeting at village Salem Khan District Swabi on Saturday afternoon, he said that unfortu­nately opposition was criticising the government without mak­ing unnecessary accusations in­stead of giving good suggestions and guidance.

He said the opposition should show faults to the government and if the government has any flaws it would solve it, adding that hopefully Pakistan would come up very soon in the rank of prosperous countries of the world.

He stated that the previous governments put the country under huge debt, but when the PTI government came into pow­er, the brave leader Prime Min­ister Imran Khan made tough decisions and swept the coun­try out of difficult time. “These tough decisions were made to put the country on its feet and the problems and economic cri­ses would end very soon from now,” he informed.

Khattak highlighted that the income and expenditure of the country are not equal and the in­come is not greater than the ex­penditure, the development and prosperity of the country can­not be achieved. He said that the previous governments had left terrorism and debt in the coun­try, which gave bad name to Pa­kistan globally.