ISLAMABAD - Hundreds of employees of Capital Development Authority (CDA) took to streets against the Authority's Chairman Tariq Mehmood Khan here on Thursday against his alleged discriminatory policies towards majority of the serving and retired employees of the Authority. They claimed that Chairman CDA did not approve pledged 4000 residential plots, 5000 residential flats for employees and plots for retired employees and widows. They urged the authorities concerned for the up gradation in pay scale of field staff, increase in medical and convince allowances of the CDA workers. They claimed that Tariq Mehmood did not pay heed towards their just demands. The protesters were of the view that Chairman CDA was misusing his authority by politicising each and every demand of the CDA's employees. They delivered speeches and chanted slogans in favour of their demands and against the CDA authority. Chaudhry Muhammad Yasin, CDA Employees Union President (CBA), Tikka Khan, President Pakistan Workers Federation, General Secretary Zahoor Awan, Chairman Zafarullah Khan Niazi and Convener World Minority Alliance J Salik addressed the gathering. Chaudhry Yasin said, "Being president of a non political labour union of the CDA employees I would demand to the top slot of CDA immediately fulfil all the demands of the workers, which had earlier approved by the Joint Work Council of the CDA employees." He alleged that CDA Chairman was politicising each and every matter of employees of the deptt. He said that however, CDA Employees Union has not linked with any political party of the country but the union is consisted over workers of all political parties. He said that without creating any rift CDA employees remained united and would continue their protest until the fulfilment of all their right demands. He was of the view that no one has right to grab basic rights of the employees. He condemned the sheer negligence of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Tariq Mehmood Khan towards concerning matters. He blamed that Tariq Mehmood was using the umbrella of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He denounced the political interference in the CDA by Chairman and his companions. He said that earlier Tariq Mehmood was linked himself with PML- Q but with the change of the government now he cunningly declared him a PPP jiaala. J. Salik said that workers demands should be accepted unconditionally. He assured that he would continue to support the employees' movement in future too. The office bearers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Employees Union warned that if their demands were not met within seven days then they would stage a sit in before the office of CDA Chairman and they withdraw future line of action.