The greatest killer of the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan of modern times, Bush, has gone into the annals of the history. Quite obviously, history will pass its verdict for or against him in due course of time. However, the US has got its 44th President - first black American - Barack H Obama in the White House following the transition of power in accordance with the outcome of the 2008 presidential polls. The need for redefining War On Terror is being stressed here despite the established fact that irrespective of the change in the faces after four years, the US policies on the whole continue with slightly more or less emphasis without undergoing any major change. This is not all. Recently, a report was published in the newspapers based on the official documents that Pakistan had suffered a huge loss of more than Rs 2080 billion during the last three years or so as a frontline partner in the War On Terror. Since the report was neither contradicted nor clarified by the official quarters, one has to rely on the figures given there in. The urgency for redefining the War more importantly for Pakistan arises also from the bitter fact that the fight against extremism has failed miserably to yield the desired results. This is so because since the launching of the War in wake of the 9/11 attacks extremists have increased instead of being reduced, curbed and eliminated. It is also a bitter fact that the War was launched in haste without realising the ground realities. Why? And why are only Muslims being targeted and dubbed as terrorists? After all, there are also Hindus extremist organisations functional for quite some time in India and worldwide. The need for redefining the War is all the more important because Pakistan has not only suffered huge financial losses, despite assistance from the US and other countries, but also hundreds of innocent people including women and children have been killed in the suicide attacks and explosions occurring as a reaction to the lingering and unproductive operation against the militants in the troubled tribal areas of the country. It is high time to redefine the War On Terror so that further losses being incurred quite unnecessarily are averted and redefined objectives on the basis of the existing ground realities achieved in due course of time. It is for the troika of the president, the prime minister and the army chief to move and redefine the War On Terror, as far as Pakistan is concerned, stem the rout before it is too late. Pakistan has already lost much and suffered a lot due to the War On Terror which seems to be a crude attempt to eliminate the Muslims . Is it not so? Be honest, sincere and speak out, please - Now