Both leading cable operators in Pakistan have denied their subscribers from viewing Al-Jazeera television. One of the cable service is owned by Musharraf's pointman in Punjab and the other is owned by a Gulf-based investor. The Al-Jazeera is the sole international channel owned and operated by Arab owners, which means at least they can be expected to provide an independent insight of the Middle East from the local perspective to viewers in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and American continent. This channel's viewing is restricted by cable operators of only USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Pakistan, this channel was available for viewing till such time that Musharraf clamped down and restricted cable operators from broadcasting certain specific news channels. It is strange that while Fox TV has always been available to the viewing public of Pakistan despite its clear bias, we are being denied access to channels of our choice by these operators having a monopoly. Musharraf is there no more, but his policies continue to be implemented by PEMRA under orders of the remnants of his illegal junta in bureaucracy. -T. A. MALIK, Lahore, via e-mail, January 10.