PIA will be coming to the end of its post-Haj operation by the time this letter is printed. This is probably the worst of such operations as far as on-time flight regularity goes. A statistical rate of under 6.9 percent is quoted which is lowest in the last decade. This confirms the incompetence, as well as lack of professional skill and planning of the executives at helm, especially when viewed in the background of the fact that PIA has been carrying Hajis now for over 40 years. What should have been a routine operation failed on all counts, whether it was regularity of flights, provision of ZamZam, unfriendly to client flight itineraries, poor service etc. As if this was not enough the national airline overcharged Hajis by buying fuel at $120 per barrel, and passing on the losses incurred by this criminal error on to the poor Hajis. There is no denying the fact that fuel was available at under $ 70 per barrel at the commencement of pre-Haj operation period but it had fallen to as low as $36 during post Haj period. No airline in the world, especially a national flag carrier would dare to pass the cost of their follies to passengers but the PIA has and there is no outcry for accountability of the executives involved. -RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, via e-mail, January 11.