An attack by a Western drone aircraft in Afghanistan killed 15 militants of Turkish and Chinese Uighur origin, a Turkish militant website was quoted as saying on Saturday. The Islamist website, quoted by the US-based SITE Intelligence Group which monitors such sites, said the attack took place on January 19. The NATO military force said it had no record of such an attack on that day but announced a few days earlier, on January 12, that 16 militants had been killed by missiles from drone aircraft in the southern province of Helmand. "Fifteen mujahideen brothers were martyred (Allah willing) on 19 January 2010 in Afghanistan as a result of bombardment from an occupying infidel Crusader army spy plane," the website said. "Thirteen of our fifteen martyrs who did jihad within the ranks of the Turkistan Islamic Party were Uighur and two of them were Turks," it said. The January 12 announcement by the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force was unusual because drones are rarely used to attack targets in Afghanistan, while they are frequently deployed in Pakistan.