KARACHI - Pakistan is confronting political anarchy, which may lead to further chaos and disorder. All the political parties should express solidarity and maturity of vision for the prosperity and progress of the country. If the rulers do not take responsible decision, an untoward tragedy may occur in the motherland. These views were expressed by the president All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Sardar Atiq Ahmed Khan while addressing the workers convention at Karachi Press Club on Friday. He said that the country had reached on the verge of chaos and disorder due to wrong and poor policies of the rulers, warning that an unpleasant incident could occur if all the nations would not express unity and oneness in its thought and action. He said that India was waging war against Pakistan by stopping its water that might prove more disastrous than the atomic war, adding that India wanted to destabilise the country through water resources. The Hindu Talibanisation has started in India which is operating all the terrorist activities in Pakistan, adding that all the nation is standing on the back of the Pak Army to confront any kind of attacks and conspiracies, he added. He condemned the irresponsible statements of Indian army chief and warned that with the eruption of war, both of the countries would have to go back in stone ages. He emphasized over the need of demilitarising the borders and starting a composite dialogue between the countries for the development of their people to bring them out of degradation of poverty and illiteracy. Minister for Restoration Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Chaudhry Muhammad Ismail also addressed the convention and said that the integrity of the country was attached with the Kashmirs integrity and all the problems faced by the Kashmiris could be solved through the success of their party. Qari Abdul Jabbar Chishti, Syed Zubair Gilani, Choudry Zafar Iqbal and Abdur Rasheed Dar were also present.