No bidding for Pakistani players in the IPL-3 auction is another blow to the already sagged Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) Pakistan has been taking rather unilaterally. They couldnt have humiliated the T-20 world champions more. Perhaps it is more of a reflection of the wicked Hindu mindset exposed one more time. They just wish to isolate Pakistan among the cricket playing nations. If our government has any spine or self-respect, they should take this matter seriously and sever all sporting ties with India. And we should not restore them until the IPL comes up with an official apology. No excuses should be accepted and our players should refuse to join any Indian league or local event in future. It wouldnt be out of place to commend here the resolve of our cable operators union which has announced a complete boycott of the cricket matches involving India at any level. Could we also not remove the Indian channels from our cable network altogether. I have learnt they are already not showing Pakistani channels on their cable TV. Why cant we stop showing Indian movies in our cinema houses? It is only possible if a stand is taken at the highest level and a befitting response is hurled back at India at this national humiliation of ours. -DR. SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, January 21.