KARACHI - The cotton production in the country is likely to increase 15 million bales within next two-three years on account of introducing better quality seeds and other related technology advances by the government in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. The federal government, in consultation with the concerned ministries, is planning to enhance the capacity building of farming sector that could be resulted in improving the cropping standard and boost the agriculture production in Pakistan. Senator Ghulam Muhammad Lot, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Textile Industry revealed this while giving an exclusive interview to The Nation. He said that the government would introduce modern kinds of cottonseeds along with providing research and development (R&D) facilities to the farmers very soon, which is expected to augment the per acre productivity of the crop yield. He informed that the cotton production was recorded at 10 million bales during the financial year 2008-09, because of uncertain weather and water conditions of the country. He told that the domestic prices of yarn rose 30 per cent, resulting from the increase in such exports during July-December 2009. Responding to a question about yarn crisis, he said Senate Standing Committee on January 7 had held a special meeting with growers and textile mill owners to address this issue and after consulting with all stakeholders, the said Committee resolved this problem through dialogue. According to the deliberations of the Committee, the export of yarn is planned to be enhanced to 550 kg in next few years, compared with 527 million kg per year during the last 3 years. He said this year our cotton crop is going to achieve our targeted figure of 525 million approximately and yarn will be available for exports and also obtainable to be used in textile products. Moreover, we will make all out efforts to achieve the export target of $25 billion in the five years (2009-14) however; it will depend on timely resolution of internal constraints, such as the power crisis, circular debt and banks liquidity. Besides prices of oil in international market will also be a very important determinant in the case of Pakistan, he added. Pakistan Ginners Association data suggest that, local cotton arrival to ginners crossed 12.23 million bales till January 15, 2010. Cotton arrivals in current season not only surpassed the last seasons total production of 11.4 million bales but also the governments revised target of 12.1million bales for current season. Keeping in view the current arrival trend, agriculture experts forecast domestic cotton production to reach 13.5 million bales by the end of the current season - 1 per cent higher than the governments initial target of 13.36m bales. It is also believed that the pace of cotton arrival during the remaining period of the season will remain slow and the total domestic production may only reach to the level of 13.0-13.2m bales by end-April 2010.