LAHORE - Though inordinately but in all consciousness, provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan has admitted that number of dacoities have increased in Punjab, and kidnap for ransom cases have decreased marginally because of the 'performance of police, which is getting better in comparison to previous years. While opening general discussion on law and order in the Punjab Assembly here on Friday - which will restart on the coming Tuesday as well - Rana Sana told the House that 2136 cases of dacoities were registered in 2008, and the last year, the number rose to 2352. On the other hand, kidnap for ransom cases have decreased, as in 2009, the number was 224 against 248 of 2008. The police have shown progress in all aspects in the previous year, claimed Rana Sana, which was vehemently refuted by the Opposition Leader Ch Zaheeruddin Khan, who averred that daakay, naakay and faakay (pickets, dacoities and hunger) have become masses fate. In his speech, the law minister also told the House that 5,836 murder, 224 kidnap for ransom and 2,352 dacoity cases were registered in 2009. He also said with regard to the arrests of proclaimed offenders, that the police had arrested 70025 POs, while 5807 and 2908 were nominated in multiple murder and dacoity FIRs respectively. Moreover, 8038 members of 2379 gangs were busted. Of the 167 dangerous fugitives with headmoney of Rs 571 million, 131 were arrested and 36 were killed in encounters, he said, while brushing aside the impression that the police preferred eliminating criminals in encounters. In 307 police encounters, 28 policemen were martyred and 102 injured, while 253 POs were killed, and 363 were arrested, he added. Rana Sana mentioned that the police were sincerely involved in anti-terrorism activities. This was also appreciated by the Opposition Leader. The law minister maintained that the police was being brought under the 'democratic control, as a new law was being drafted to replace the Police Order 2002 with the Order 2010, as a sub-committee, comprising serving and retired high police and civil officers, was outlining the draft, which would be brought to the House. He assured the members that it would be the best system to redress all complaints. Ch Zaheer, in his speech as the Opposition Leader, said the police had less strength as per the international standards. He bitterly criticised the government for letting the bodyguards of Tipu Truck-anawalla take control of the Mayo Hospital. How did armed men enter the airport parking area? he quizzed, while adding that extra-judicial killings showed distrust in the judiciary. To him, unemployed were indulging in day-light robberies in the rural areas. He also pointed out the shortage of judges, and lack of interest of tourists, scholars and investors in visiting the Punjab. To him, the tension between the ruling coalition parties, that is, the PML-N and PPP, was diverting attention of the govt away from the administrative matters. Later, the Chair adjourned the House till Monday (January 25) 3 pm.