NEW DELHI (Agencies) Amid US plans to sell drones to Pakistan, India wants assurances that such military hardware is not targeted at New Delhi, reports The Hindu. India is understood to have conveyed to the US that military assistance to Pakistan has often been used against India. The US has been sensitised to our concerns, a reliable source said here. While India has no objection to economic aid given to Islamabad, it has repeatedly opposed the sale of cutting-edge military equipment to Pakistan that has been used against India. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who has met Pakistani leaders, on Friday disclosed that the US planned to supply 12 RQ-7 Shadow unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to Pakistan to aid its battle against the Taliban. The Shadow UAVs will help build the Pakistan Armys capacity for intelligence gathering, he said. It is not clear whether there would be conditions attached to the sale of these drones specifying their use only in Taliban areas.