LAHORE - Merit-mantra pronouncing Punjab government has admitted of having indulged in out-of-turn allotments of houses to its blue-eyed officers, which is in the same manner as it was done by the previous regime of its adversary Pakistan Muslim League-Q. Provincial Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan, while giving answers during the Question Hour about the Services and General Administration Department of the Punjab Assembly on Friday, admitted that his government had allotted houses to officers out-of-turn, which had been done by the competent authority, that is, the Chief Minister, by using discretionary powers vested in him. In the same vein and unknowingly contradicting himself, he also stated that the present dispensation had cancelled 'illegal allotments after perusing the out-of-turn allotments, done by the Q-League, which numbered 270 in five years, that is, from 2002 to 2007. Rana Sana was answering the question posed by PPPs perky MPA Syed Hassan Murtaza, who has quizzed the government about the out-of-turn allotments with an assertion that it was an injustice to the government employees if the present government was doing the same like the Q-League did during its stint in the Punjab. In the meantime, Hassan became bitter critic of the officialdom, and went to extent of even demanding from the government that the stiff-necked bureaucracy should be moulded. Take the iron bar out of their necks, he went on to assert in a colloquial manner, while maintaining that the democratic dispensations should not indulge in any irregularities, as it was the forte of the military rulers who were more interested in securing loyalties by dishing out favours to others. Now these officers are giving sermons about merit when you talk to them about giving due right to a Grade-4 official, though their conscience never pricked them when they gave huge illegal favours to their own children, he averred. Rana Sana, in a bid to settle the furious PPP man down, assured the House that if the members develop consensus about cancelling the out-of-turn allotments, then it would be done. Deeming it insufficient, Hassan rose to say more, and upon Chairs objection - held by Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan - he started walking out of the House, while asserting that he would never come again. However, as it was expected, he was brought back to the Floor upon Speakers direction to the members for bringing Hassan back. He was given Floor to speak his heart out. What sort of respect do we get from the DMGs (District Management Group officers)? Promote the PCS (Provincial Civil Service) officers, who spend their lives in the province in contrast to the DMGs, who go to other provinces if they are unhappy in the Punjab, he maintained, while asserting that Gymkhana Clubs membership was solely meant for the DMGs and their children, while even the elected representatives were denied the entry to the Gymkhana. Interestingly, while replying to a question posed the Oppositions Dr Samia Amjad, earlier the Law Minister informed the House that no allotment of the official residences was being done on priority basis, as it was being done as per 'first come, first serve rule. During February to June 2008, neither below nor above-the-grade allotments were made, he read the answer. Nevertheless, ever-vocal Dr Samia was mum when Hassan Murtazas question was taken up by the House. Earlier, while replying to a question by Mian Naseer Ahmed about the problems faced by the PCS officers, the Law Minister told the House that 468 officers of Grade-17 and 49 of Grade-18 PCS officers were serving under the S&GAD. There exist 72 posts of Grade-17 CSP officers, while 41 are working in the province, he added, while declaring that the promotion of the PCS officers was not adversely affected because of the CSPs. While replying to a supplementary question, Rana Sana said there were no PCS officers in Grade-21 and 22. This is very unfortunate since impartial treatment has been meted to out to the PCS officers for which something really tangible needs to be done, he added. Immediately after the Question-Hour at 11:14am, Opposition member Khadija Omer pointed out the quorum, which was completed by the Treasury after five minutes of ringing of bells. Later, the Law Minister introduced the Women University Multan Bill 2010 in the House.