KARACHI - The government has fears from its own follies and mistakes and not from any outside force, said Secretary General Pakistan Muslim League, Mushahid Hussain Syed. He advised President Asif Ali Zardari not to follow the footpaths of the formers and avoid confrontation with media and judiciary. Government must accept the Supreme Courts decision about NRO with grace. Talking to mediamen upon his arrival at the Karachi airport, he dismissed speculations and rumours that extraneous forces pose danger to the government. The real danger lies in governments own corruption and poor governance which has reduced its credibility for good governance. PPP should learn lesson from its past mistakes and should not repeat them otherwise the consequences would be dangerous for the system, he added. Mushahid said that Supreme Courts judgment on NRO would not a threat for the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan saying that the judgment is a threat for corrupt elements. He said that lack of credibility, corruption and confrontation with judiciary were the issues facing by the government. Despite completion of two years period the present government has failed in developing their credibility due to their miscommitments and corruption. He further said that poor governance was reflected in conflicting statements coming out from the responsible ministers immediately after Ashura bomb blast. Initially it was claimed that it was a suicide bomber and later that stance was changed and was declared that it was a remote controlled bomb. That shows how the responsible ministers were making irresponsible statements, he added. Commenting on the detail judgment of Supreme Court on NRO, he said for the first time the apex court had established the supremacy of the law and advised the government to accept the decision gracefully instead of confronting it. Mushahid advised the government to drop the idea of generating energy through rental power plant (RPP) to meet the shortage of electricity because if the government go ahead with the RPP than it would be resulted in the increase in unbearable rise of 45 per cent in power tariff which would affect the economy as well as the common citizens. He further said that rental power projects owners would get the 420 billion rupees during the five years period. He demanded of the Prime Minister Gilani and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take immediate notice of rental power project. To a question, he said that law and order situation in Sindh was deteriorating and some 246 persons were gunned down in target killing. Mushahid said that despite the US Defence Secretary confession about the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan, the Federal Minister Rehman Malik was still denied the fact about the presence of US agencies. The families of martyrs and injured of Ashura bomb blast are still waiting for compensation amount announced by the government, he added.