NEW DELHI (Agencies) - The Indian Interior Ministry has recommended extra security measures for Indian airlines after intelligence on a threat from armed men to hijack a plane of the national carrier Air India, officials said on Friday. The warning comes ahead of Indias annual Republic Day on Tuesday, when there are often security scares. Security officials said they have put the countrys air defences on the highest possible alert after intelligence agencies warned the Interior Ministry of possible air attacks allegedly by banned Lashkar-e-Taiba using gliders. India has beefed-up security measures and remains wary of threats after the 2008 Mumbai attacks killed 166 people and raised tensions with Pakistan. We have alerted our civil aviation security people against a possible attempt to hijack an Indian airlines flight, UK Bansal, the Special Secretary for Internal Security in the Home (Interior) Ministry, told Reuters. The Ministry had not recommended suspension of flights, Bansal said. The biggest hijack threat was to flights by the carrier to and from the SAARC bloc of neighbouring nations, he said. The Indian Air Force said it was taking extra precautions after receiving intelligence on a possible air attack. According to Indian news agency PTI, LT has acquired more than 50 paragliding equipment from Europe, setting off alarm bells in the government that these could be used to carry out air-borne suicide attacks in the country. The intelligence input which came barely days ahead of Republic Day celebrations has prompted authorities to ensure a tight air security around all vital installations, the agency quoted official sources as saying. The input about movement of overground workers, owing allegiance to LT, in Europe led the sleuths to find out that they were on a shopping spree for paragliding equipment, the sources claimed.