LAHORE PCB Chief Operating Officer (COO) Wasim Bari said that what happened in the auction was not only discrimination but was demoralizing. He said: People follow cricket. That our players were discriminated against is obvious. We are going to discuss the in the ICC. What happened in the auction is not only demoralizing, but also against the interest of cricket fans in India and Pakistan. Bari sees the incident as regressive, especially when the International Cricket Council (ICC) chief David Morgan is rooting for the revival of cricket ties between India and Pakistan. The world knows no cricket competition can be as intense as between India and Pakistan. Mr Morgan saw the broader picture, unfortunately no one else did, said Bari. You cant be narrow in your views. The Pakistan hockey team is supposed to take part in the World Cup in India this year, and we want it to go ahead. Thats the best way to mend the relationship, he said. Bari also dismissed the franchisees plea that they picked up players as per their requirements. Pollard is a new player, while Afridi is one the most experienced and better players of the Twenty20 format. To see Afridi remain unsold and a rookie like Pollard bag a fortune...doesnt it say everything, he asked? IPL controversy: Anger builds in Pakistan The outrage over Pakistani players being ignored at the auction threatened to snowball into a major diplomatic row. Apart from angry cricket fans burning effigies of IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi, the Punjab Assembly ladies members Friday staged a protest demonstration in front of the assembly calling for total boycott of relations with India. After some former players made a scathing attack against the IPL organisers and the franchise for humiliating the Pakistani players, in which former Pakistan cricket captain Zaheer Abbas suggested that the national hockey team should be withdrawn from the World Cup in India to protest the humiliating treatment meted out to the countrys cricketers. The ladies members called for total clamp down on showing of the Indian film in Pakistan and asked for boycotting the cultural activities with the neighbouring country. The were also holding placards in support of the Pakistan cricketers and also raised slogans against India and in favour of the national players.