KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Sindh Chief Assaddullah Bhutto has asked interior Minister Rehman Malik to resign after the confirmation of Black water in Pakistan by US secretary defence Robert Gates. He said that US defence secretary had publicly revealed the lie of the government what it has been denying over last several months. According to a press release issued here on Friday, Assadullah said that Pakistanis were quite concerned and taken out their rage over the presence of renowned terrorist network of Black water in the country and its insidious activities especially of monitoring Kahota and movements of our intelligence personnel. He said that there were proofs that Black water and its hirelings were involved in the recent terror activities in the country. He said that rulers from Prime Minister to Interior Minister had misguided the nation just to appease their foreign Lords. He demanded that Rehman Malik should resign as the recent interview of Bill Gates has confirmed the existence in the country. He said that our ruler had transformed our country into a USA colony, adding that Indian threats and American tactics were clear-cut signs of deep seated intrusion of conspiracy against the country. He said that drone attacks had become a routine, adding that naked screening of Pakistanis was a clear message of humiliation for us as a nation. On the other hand our government provides them VVIPS treatment, which shows that our rulers have no concern with the worries of the masses and their self respect.