ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party MNA Jamshaid Dasti unleashed scathing criticism on the superior judiciary and saw its role in the crisis confronting the country. Speaking on a point of order, Jamshaid Dasti said that the wrong decisions of the superior judiciary had contributed to the impending crisis and said that the country was heading towards a bloody revolution. He was critical of the apex court for not taking up the case of the persons wrongly implicated in Mukhtaran Mai case and said that the innocent people were behind the bars for past seven years and the apex court was not taking up their case. He urged the court to dispense quick justice. He said that the courts were taking decisions in the light of the newspaper reports and if this practice continued then no one could stop the country from slipping into a bloody revolution. He said that the generals, feudal lords, politicians and the wrong judgements of the superior courts had caused enormous damage to the country.