The Nation dated 21-1-2010 has reported that India has built 12 dams on the river Chenab to generate 8696 MW of power and irrigate 800,000 acres of land. This has resulted in reduced flow in the river of about 6000 cusecs, which is lower than the average of past 10 years. Some of it may be due to reduced rainfall but most of the shortage is due to Indian diversion of water in violation of the Indus Waters Basin Treaty. The Indus Treaty Commissioner of Pakistan ought to have been more vigilant of Indian designs to turn Pakistan into desert. The authorities ought to be ashamed that India is generating over 8000 MW of power from Chenab, which has 1/4th the water of Indus while we have a generation capacity of only about 3 to 4 thousand MW on Indus. Is this not criminal neglect on our part?-DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, January 21.