ISLAMABAD US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has admitted the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan and suddenly ANPs Mr Bilour has also confirmed that Blackwater is in Pakistan with the permission of the Government. Now why did Mr Rehman Malik continue to swear that there was no Blackwater in Pakistan and if he was proven wrong, he would resign? Surely he needs to do now exactly that, given how his lies have been exposed so comprehensively. However, it is not just Rehman Malik who lied on Blackwater. Robert Gates has also cleverly admitted the presence of Blackwater and Dynacorp but then declared that they are here in their private capacity. This is not factually correct at all and letters exchanged between the US embassy and the Interior Ministry and Foreign Office as well as letters from Dynacorp to the Interior Ministry reveal that these contractors are here very much in tandem with the US State Department and hence the US embassy. TheNation is printing copies of some of the relevant letters to make the point that Mr Gates is also covering up the real activities of these mercenaries who are once again acting on behalf of the US government as they were doing in Iraq. The fact that the PS to the State Minister for Interior is in FIA custody for taking bribes in connection with the prohibitive bore licenses for Dynacorp also shows how the US embassy was interfering in the working of the Interior Ministry and offering hefty bribes for illegal actions. A brief look at the letters sent will reveal how the US private security concerns in Pakistan are here working officially for the US embassy and not in their private capacity at all. On March 30, 2009, US Ambassador Anne W Patterson wrote to Rehman Malik informing him that the US government had entered into a commercial contract with Dynacorp International ... to provide specialised security support for our Consulate in Peshawar. (See Document I). Apart from demanding an NOC, she also asked that he intervene to facilitate granting Inter-Risk (Pvt) Ltd, the requisite Prohibited Bore Arms licenses to operate in the territorial limits of Pakistan.... (See Document I) On April 2, 2009, Matthew Crouse of Dynacorp wrote to Rehman Malik that they had located an ideal facility at Sihala Police Training Academy to train their own Pakistani staff and so should be granted use of this facility So in fact Sihala was not being used to train Pakistani police officers but to train Pakistani recruits for Dynacorp (See Document II) On November 20, 2009, Crouse wrote to the then Secretary Interior, Kamal Shah, giving reference of the State Department for the urgent issuance of prohibitive bore weapon licenses and seeking permission to allow use of these weapons while the licenses were being processed. So effectively the weapons had come into Pakistan before the licenses were granted. (See Document III) On May 7, 2009, Charge dAffaires of the US Embassy Gerald Feierstein wrote to the Foreign Minister again asking for the issuance of prohibited bore licenses to Inter-Risk - saying that 50 prohibitive bore licenses would be needed as quickly as possible and an additional 50 prohibitive bore licenses will be needed in June 2009. The remaining 34 licenses will be needed in July 2009. (See Document IV) So Mr Gates, the facts from US official sources alone establish without any doubt that the private contractors are in Pakistan working for the US government alone. As for Rehman Malik, it is time to resign for all the lies he has been feeding the Pakistani people despite the reality on the ground.