KARACHI - A large number of the Sunni Tehreek Pakistan Bangali Wing staged a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press against targeting the Banglis in the country on Friday. The protestors while holding the banners and placards inscribed with the slogans in favour of Pak Army condemned the Interior Minister Rehman Malik and demanded to end the operation against the patriot Bangalis, awarding them their basic rights like other citizens of the country. The participants also condemned the statement said by the Interior minister in, which he had declared them as foreigners not in favour of Pakistan. While addressing the rally Aftab Qadri, Matloob Awan and Maulvi Jamal Hussain said that in 1974 the Bangalis had been declared the Pakistani citizens through the resolution, which was passed in the National Assembly by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had said that if the Bangalis wanted to live in Pakistan, they could do so, adding that the same rules and regulation will be applicable upon them like other citizens of the country they added. They deplored over the statement issued by the Interior Minister that all the Bangalis should get them registered within 30 days otherwise they will be deported. They added that Malik was not only deviating from the manifesto of their party leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but also degrading the constitution and the parliament. The leaders appealed Rehman Malik to legally apologize with the Pakistani national Bangalis who had legal documents of their nationality; otherwise the chain of protest demonstrations would be expanded to the countrywide. They appealed the president Zardari to take effective measures about this development against Bangalis by Rehman Malik otherwise all the 3 million will be on the roads for recording their protes. Muhammad Sharif and Ahmed Raza Also attended the rally.