This in response to Mr. Kamran Khans programme last night. The topic was Beware, sugar price to reach Rs.100 in a few months. When people expect prices to go up in future, they increase their present demand to preempt shortages and price hikes. When everyone starts doing that, the overall pressure of demand in the economy increases. The supply of sugar is already stressed. Predictions like this would only serve to increase the gap between demand and supply. The result would be demand-pull inflation. Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations, once said we are governed moulding of our minds, our tastes are formed and our ideas suggested. Bernays refers to this sort of maneuvering to be the methods used by 'the invisible government. It is invisible yet it is the true ruling power. I cant figure out what Mr. Khan is trying to do in his programme last night? Is he trying to help out the people? Mr. Khan should realize that the 'panic alarm he is trying to set off would do no good to the people. In fact, it would make bad matters worse. Sincerity demands that he should try to persuade people to use less sugar as we are in crisis. And why cant he call some domestic and foreign experts to suggest some remedial measures to the government? -JAMSHED HUSSAIN KHAN, Lahore, January 20.