US Defence Secretary Roberts Gates was given a clear cut message from the Pakistan military that it will not extend its operations into North Waziristan as South Waziristan will take at last a year to secure. Additionally the Pakistan Army has made it clear that it does not want to be over-stretched. This is especially critical with the renewed upping of the military ante by India. Gates has admitted to US mistakes in the past but that is neither here nor there since the Americans continue to repeat those mistakes in the context of Pakistan. To begin with, Gates insisted that those critiquing the US were the same enemies threatening both Pakistan and the US within the context of terrorism. Clearly Mr Gates is unaware of the growing anti-US sentiment across the civil society and political divides of this country. He is also unaware of the fact that many see the US as an additional source of threat to this country. But most pertinent, Gates showed the never-ending insensitivity to Pakistan that has marked all US officials and politicians dealing with Pakistan, including President Obama despite the Pakistan connections of his youth. That is why Gates identified the Pakistans relationship with India as one of the four main issues on which the US seeks a strategic dialogue with Pakistan. The other issues related directly to Afghanistan and the 'war on terror. This ham-fisted attempt to bring India into an equation that Pakistan cannot accept does little to rebuild trust in the US. Already it has been revealed by members of Parliament that Pakistan is under great pressure from the US to give India access to the land trade route - something Pakistan cannot afford to do till there is some movement on conflict resolution n Kashmir. Nor has Gates made any commitment to treat Pakistan more equitably, as in the case of India, on nuclear-related and other arms issues. So effectively the widening gap between the US and Pakistan has now been exposed in its entirety. There is little purpose in meandering down the same cooperative path when the trust is simply not there. Most important, the interests are also at complete variance, especially in the context of India. It is strange that while Gates wants the Pakistan Army to expand its operations in FATA, he is unable to realise that Indias new military aggression and limited war doctrines against Pakistan are pulling the Pakistan Army back to its full power deployments along the Eastern border and LoC. Unless the US can understand the Pakistan-India dynamics from Islamabads perspective, it can never create the trust it needs to further its contentious regional agenda.